A web hosting review can only be useful if the reviewer tested it. Here at eWebhostingreview.com we try every web host before we share our discussions with you.This time we’ve tested IPage, one of the most chosen cheap hosts – as this page about Ipage says, a review is only useful if the reviewer tested the reviewed item. Of course, we can say a lot of things about a company, but we have to back it up too. The link I just gave you before points to an Ipage review that in my experience can be regarded as genuine and presents this web host in a realistic manner.

We’ve tried Ipage for a month, and then we got our money back. Since they have an anytime money back guarantee, this was no problem.

What we’ve found: first off, I should say that compared to the price they have quite an excellent service. Everything was running smoothly; they have all the necessary tools to run a blog or any website. We tried it with a WordPress blog with five articles and lots of pictures to see how’s the speed. I was surprised that they’d performed so well. The site remained fast, we gave it some test runs on GTmetrix too, and we always got load times below two secs, although the average was around 1.5 sec.

During the test month there was no downtime, at least we didn’t experience it.

We also tested their support. We first talked to them before we signed up, we were asking questions about their service. Of course, back then they were nice because they wanted us to sign up, so we wanted to try them after we’ve signed up. It turns out that they remained the same kind and helpful support. This is understandable, as we can leave them anytime and get our money back.

Conclusion: Image can reach up to the expectations that we have for a good web host. Also, the good reviews from customers that we’ve read are real.